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Phone : 02 4578 3005

Phone : 02 4578 3005

This week, we received a notice from the RMS that it proposes to install a permanent electric sign in March Street near Richmond oval between Easter Market and West Market Streets to "Provide information to allow motorists to make informed decisions about their journey. At this location, the sign will provide information for westbound traffic along March Street through North Richmond and along Bells Line of Road towards Lithgow and beyond, during planned and unplanned weather and traffic incidents which cause delays or road closures"

We have sent the following response to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with copies to local members and the Mayor:

IAN ROCHE of the Firm has been approved as a Legal Service Provider to the Workcover Independent Review Office (WIRO).

WIRO has established a new system to deal with the amendment recently made to the workers compensation legislation which changed the way in which legal costs would be provided for under the act. Previously proper legal costs were paid by the particular insurance company in the dispute with the worker. As a result of the amendments made there is now no power in the commission to make any award of costs. This means that all workers will have to pay their own costs.