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Do I need to Review my Will?


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Change in Relationship:

You should review your Will if you have:

·         Entered into a de facto relationship;

·         Terminated a de facto relationship;

·         If you are married and have separated;

·         Entered into a Binding Financial Agreement with a spouse or partner

·         Married

·         Divorced

Other Changes in personal circumstances prompting a review:

·         Death of a Spouse or partner

·         Death or incapacity of a child

·         Death of any beneficiary named in your Will

·         Death or incapacity of an Executor named in your Will

·         Birth of a grandchild


Changes in Financial Circumstances prompting a review:

·         Commenced a new business

·         Entered into an Agreement affecting your estate: eg. a Buy/Sell Agreement with a business partner

·         Established a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund

·         Established a trust or a company

·         Acquired real property either solely or jointly with others

·         Made loans to beneficiaries named in your Will

·         Acquired life insurance

·         Intend moving to another country


Changes in circumstances of beneficiaries, appointors, executors and trustees:

You should review your Will if any of these persons are affected or likely to be affected by:

·         Divorce

·         Bankruptcy

·         Drug or alcohol or gambling addiction

·         Entering into a high-risk occupation

·         Accident or disability

·         Estrangement from you

·         Moving to a foreign jurisdiction

·         Receiving social security benefits