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We all hope to avoid a Family Law experience but sadly, for about 50% of us, this will be a reality.


By its nature, separation or divorce involves a degree of emotional turmoil as parties come to terms with the end of a relationship, whether caused by a betrayal of trust or simply having grown apart.


Viewed in another light, it can also herald a new beginning – a chance to explore new challenges or a new direction in life.

If approached by both parties acting reasonably and not motivated by a wish for revenge, Family Law problems can often be resolved:

·         without anyone having to step inside a Courtroom

·          without having to incur the high cost of litigation

·         without having to wonder what decision a judge will make

·         without exacerbating disruption to any children of the marriage

·         allowing both parties to walk away with dignity and get on with their lives.


The vast majority of Family Law matters are settled by way of Consent Orders signed by the parties and approved by the Court.


However, the achievement of such a settlement requires a full disclosure by the parties of their assets and liabilities and skilful negotiation by a lawyer experienced in this field.


That’s where we come in.


So if you’re having or contemplating a Family Law experience, come and have a chat with John Simon and our Family Law team.


Life is short. Let’s solve the problem and give you the freedom to enjoy the rest of it.